Take Control of Your Brain

Brain Stim Audio mixes the rhythmic and ambient components of brainwave entrainment, auditory driving, and rhythmic entrainment to impact your brain in very specific ways.

“In short: you’re distracted. So you’ll head here, select “I’d like to focus” from their preset playlists, along with your desired intensity level: “laser-like.” Twenty minutes of rapid-fire drums and medieval alpha strings later, and you’ve just cleared your to-do list.”


Find Personalized Mixes For Your Goals

Auto Select Mode Chooses the Right Stimulation for You

Choose Your Category

7 categories include Brain Boost, Calm, Energy, Focus, Meditation, Sleep, and Uplift.

Choose Your Intensity

Each category offers 5 levels of brain stimulation intensity to meet your needs.

Set Your Optimal Volume

Set the volume as background music so that it disappears from your awareness after a couple of minutes,

Explore Curated Playlists

BSA Offers Hundreds of Prescriptive Mixes Designed for Specific Purposes

Curated playlists are prescriptive mixes of rhythmic and ambient instrument stimulation designed for specific purposes. By default, playlists are sorted with the newest first. You can filter by category, intensity, instrument, and mix.

Improve Sensory Processing

The Sensory Processing Level Supports Optimal Sensory Function.

Select Your Sensory Area

Brain Stim Audio’s Sensory track mixes contain 11 sensory categories across 4 sensory areas

Determine Your Sensory Issues

Each sensory Area includes 5 levels of brain stimulation intensity to achieve your goals.

Play One Track Each Day

Play a single 20-minute track mix quietly each day to balance your sensory system.

Enjoy Custom Created Brain Stimulation

Achieve Long-term Change With Our REI Custom Program

Our premier program, the REI Custom Program draws from 10 symptom areas for people with multiple issues. The REI Custom Program intake will help us identify the scope and severity of your unique constellation of challenges. Your custom-made REI tracks are created to progressively work through the following areas:

  • Anxiety: Includes anxiety related issues.
  • Attention/focus/hyperactivity/executive function: Includes attention-related issues including the classic symptoms of ADD.
  • Behavioral issues: Includes issues such as aggression, compliance, tantrums, and others.
  • Cognitive issues: Includes symptoms related to cognition such as memory, reasoning, and others.
  • Language/communication: Includes issues related to language and communication including speech and writing.
  • Mood issues: Includes general mood issues as well as symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder.
  • Self-stimulatory behaviors: Includes behaviors such as rocking, flapping, toe-walking, vocal perseveration, and others,
  • Sensory Processing: Includes sensory defensive and sensory seeking behavior.
  • Sleep: Includes issues related to falling and staying asleep.
  • Social Interaction: Includes issues related to social interaction and engagement.

Your REI Custom Program subscription also includes BSA Basic content in the Curated Playlists, Personalized Playlist Generator, and Track Browser, and BSA Sensory Processing in the Sensory Browser.

What Brain Stim Audio Members Are Saying

“…THANK YOU for the Brain Stim Audio. It’s absolutely FABULOUS. I listen to your music while I’m working on the computer. It is helping me remain calm, focused, and creative. I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!”  

Shirley L.


“Wow!  I’m logged in. This is awesome. I’m excited to explore some focus tracks to use while I work.” 

Mark H.

Software Engineer

While I was playing [Brain Stim Audio] my son laid down and closed his eyes… I’ve never seen anything like it. He never has been this calm in his life.”

Julia E.

Mother of son with autism

BSA Draws From 30 Years of Clinical Research

Brain Stim Audio was developed from the clinical research conducted at the Strong Institute on Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI) beginning in 1994.

Research on Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention has been conducted by numerous other institutions including the University of Kansas Medical Center, Oregon Health Sciences University, and the Center for the Study of Autism, to name a few. To date, these studies have resulted in papers that have been presented at over one hundred professional healthcare conferences.

The following articles detail some of this research.

BSA for Focus

Brain Stim Audio Increases Focused Attention Focus is our most popular category and, coupled with our Brain Boost category,

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More Member Quotes

“Thank you for the awesome music! Been listening to focus music all day today!”

Sonda P.

ADD Coach

“Love the Brain Stim Audio!!! It’s absolutely wonderful. Sucks the anxiety right out of you!!!”

Allie S.

Music Therapist

After just one week listening to Brain Stim Audio, I’m sleeping like a rock — and I do have sleep issues!”

Lisa M.

Occupational Therapist