Setting the Optimal Volume

Most of the tracks are designed to be played at a volume that is below a conversational level and quickly fades out of your awareness after a few minutes. This level is almost always lower than a typical music listening level. 

When in doubt, we highly recommend starting very low and turning up the volume if you do not see the desired results after one track plays.

Take Control of Your Brain

We hope you’re enjoying exploring Brain Stim Audio. Auto Select is a great way to begin using BSA, but you can take more control over your experience exploring our Browse menu.

Select From Curated Playlists

You can select tracks from our growing catalog of curated playlists. These playlists are designed to provide specific episodic results; in many cases, these are mixes our clients and members have requested over the years.

Browse by Category

Under this menu, you can browse by category, select from playlists across category intensity levels, or filter by drum (Gonga or Udu, Single or Multiple drums).