Brain Shift Radio is now Brain Stim Audio

Our evolution includes a Universal player (iOS users rejoice!) Curated playlists. Custom brain stimulation. consists of 7 categories of brain stimulation music personalized (or customized) for you. Brain Stim Audio offers clinically-tested brain stimulation music. Features include:

  • All members receive unlimited access to Focus, Calm, Brain Boost, Energy, Meditation, Sleep, and Uplift music categories.
  • Our Auto Select function chooses your music from 5 levels of stimulation for each category.
  • New: Browse through each category and choose your music mix based on intensity and instrument.
  • New: Choose from curated playlists designed for specific purposes, often including cross-category mixes.
  • Upcoming: Our Enhanced membership level adds sensory processing categories (auditory, proprioception, tactile, vestibular) and additional refinement of Auto Select for all music categories, allowing more personal music refinement.
  • New: Our Custom membership level adds our acclaimed clinical REI Custom Program to your account, giving you bespoke music for long-term improvement in 10 symptom categories.

We’re super excited to launch Brain Stim Audio and hope you try it and see for yourself how powerful it is. Register for your free trial at 

Existing Brain Shift Radio members can either log in to the legacy BSR app at, register for a new free trial at Brain Stim Audio at, or contact us to move your membership at

Find Out What Brain Stim Audio Can Do For You (And Your Brain)